Nan's Van is a very attractive 1970s converted Rice horse box. Officially licensed, she can serve food, hot and cold drinks or alcohol or a combination. She is very pretty and can be dressed for any occasion. Nan's Kitchen is also incredibly versatile able to sell street food or alcohol for any event, any size. Both services can be hired for festivals, birthday parties, weddings, and christenings - any event!

All my food is homemade, using the best quality ingredients. My soups and stews are hearty and filling. My salads are fresh and delicious. Wraps are always popular and the meat is slow roasted at home with herbs and vegetables for added flavor. I have several different themed menus, the Stateside menu includes things like Philly steak and cheese sandwiches (freshly made to order) and short rib tacos. The 1970s inspired buffet includes classics like vol au vents, devilled eggs and much more.  All waffles and brownies are homemade with a selection of different toppings and home syrups and sauces.

Wanting a career change after having owned a children's Day Nursery for nine years, I looked to what I love doing most, cooking and baking. Having developed the menu for the Nursery and cooking on a regular basis for my 5 children, family and friends, I gain massive pleasure through providing them with edible delights that are home cooked and delicious. From there was born, Nan's Van and Nan's Kitchen - outside catering for all occasions.  

Food is an intriguing thing. It is the nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and grow. So everyone has to eat but why take a potato and fry the nutrients and any flavor it has out of it when you can use the freshest of produce you can, combine them and introduce delicious herbs and spices to create something amazing and delicious. This is what I try my ultimate best to do.

I am able to cater for all dietary requirements including vegan and gluten free.