My Food

Some examples of my delicious homemade soups, stews:

  • Pea and Ham Soup

Ham slow roasted for 12 hours with a ram packed pea soup.

  • Lean Beef Bolognaise Stew

Minced beef in a delightfully sweet Italian tomato sauce served with a sprinkle of cheese



  • Mexican Pepper Salad

Freshly chopped peppers, celery, sweetcorn and kidney beans served on a bed of fresh spinach with a smoked paprika oil dressing

  • Tuscan Bean Salad

Mixed beans in a rich tomato sauce with sun dried tomatoes, chopped mint and parsley.  

Stateside Street food:

  • Philly steak and cheese sandwich

Philly steak slices served in a toasted ciabatta bun and a bed of lettuce topped with freshly cooked mushrooms, peppers, onions and a thick cheddar cheese sauce

  • Wild boar hot dogs

Lightly spiced wild boar hot dog, served in a long white bun served with a variety of sauces – BBQ sauce, American mustard, tomato sauce

  • Short rib tacos

Slow roasted and pulled bone-in beef short ribs in a smooth and lightly spiced tomato and beef broth sauce served in a taco shell

  • Spicy beans tacos (v)

Mixed beans in a spicy sun dried tomato and herb sauce served in a taco

  • Loaded grilled cheese (v)

Loaded cheese sandwich griddled with a selection of chutneys – chili jam, onion or mango chutney 


  • Wraps
Home cooked, slowed roasted pulled pork or chicken served with lettuce and a choice of sauce.  

Vegetarian and vegan option, Tuscan bean salad wrap - a variety of beans in a rich tomato sauce with sun dried tomatoes, chopped mint and parsley.    

  • Specialities

Wild boar hot dogs
Bacon sandwiches with tomato chutney
Cheese toasties with caramelised onion chutney